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HYUNDAI vendor. Your car or truck is provided that has a catalytic • Once the motor stalls or fails to start out, • Stay away from driving by using a really very low gas converter emission Management machine.

Characteristics of your respective auto WARNING - Fuel gauge Functioning outside of gasoline can expose motor vehicle occupants to danger. You have to cease and procure addition- al gasoline as quickly as possible following the warning mild arrives on or if the gauge indicator arrives near the E degree.

Blower enthusiast: If your heater’s blower supporter isn’t Doing work, you won’t get Substantially heat from your heater Main to circulate into your car or truck. Remedy: This may be so simple as a blown fuse, it could be a wiring situation, or maybe the blower fan could require replacement.

If your seat belt will likely not adequately in good shape the could become pretty scorching if it is remaining in a closed kid, Hyundai recommends the use of car on a sunny day, even when the out- an accredited booster seat from the rear seat aspect temperature isn't going to sense scorching.

It might seem somewhat amusing, but your auto’s heating system is a part of its cooling system. The cooling procedure circulates a coolant in the motor that absorbs heat. That heated coolant then runs through the radiator, in which the warmth dissipates.

Answer: Established the heater to its optimum environment, take out the coolant tank cap and fill it to the correct degree. Begin the engine with cap nonetheless open up and Allow the engine idle for a couple of minutes. If your coolant level should really fall because the thermostat opens, major it up as vital. This should bleed from the air bubble. In the event the motor is entirely warmed up, place the cap back on and have a generate to determine if the heat output has returned. Negative coolant hoses or free clamps: As time passes, coolant hoses can deteriorate, come to Hop Over To Here be clogged or get totally blocked. Also, the clamps that secure your hoses can loosen after some time. A visible inspection of many of the coolant hoses and connections will inform you if every thing is secure. Should you have an older motor vehicle, Examine the hoses (Using the car or truck off) for just a “spongy” experience — this can suggest they’re on their last legs. Alternative: Switch all worn and suspicious-searching hoses (or have them changed), make sure all clamps are limited, and look for leaks while you are done.

Attributes of your respective motor vehicle Cup holder ■ Entrance WARNING Warm liquids • Do not location uncovered cups of hot liquid from the cup holder when the auto is in movement. If the new liquid spills, you burn off on your own. This type of burn to the driver could lead on to loss of control of the vehi- cle.

Hyundai for off-highway driving, you shouldn't use these tires for freeway driving. (eight) The full-time 4WD automobile can not be towed by a standard tow truck. Guantee that the automobile is towed with all four wheels raised off the bottom.

Driving your car Exclusive DRIVING CONDITIONS • When braking with non-ABS brakes Rocking the motor vehicle pump the brake pedal with a light up- If it's important to rock the vehicle to free of charge and-down motion until eventually the vehicle could it be from snow, sand, or mud, initially transform the stopped.

These include rear impacts, second or 3rd collisions in numerous effects incidents, as well as very low velocity...

Options of your respective auto OLM049129L OLM049130L OLM049131 Lover speed Command Air con OFF method The fan pace is often set to the specified Push the A/C button to turn the air con- Push the OFF button to turn off the air pace by running the fan velocity Manage ditioning process on (indicator light will climate Regulate process.

Security capabilities of the automobile Generally ensure that you and all auto Affliction and operation during the front passenger occupant classification process occupants are seated and restrained effectively (sitting upright Along with the seat in Indicator/Warning mild Products Situation an upright placement, centered about the seat detected from the "PASSENGER cushion, with the person's legs comfort-...

• To stay away from destruction your shows the change lever place if the transaxle, never speed up the ignition change is in the ON posture.

Do can Establish up underneath the fenders and inter- not use motor coolant or other sorts of fere Using the steering.

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